Well-being rules

For everyone's comfort, the following regulations apply to accommodation
in Hållsta home's long stay hotel.

All tenants are obliged to comply with the regulations according to rental agreements and in the current rental law
and also undertake to comply with the following regulations. A written warning can be issued in the event of a violation of the rules and in the event of repeated warnings, the guest risks being dismissed with immediate effect.

    Smoking is only allowed outdoors in a designated place. There is a smoking ban indoors throughout the building. The tenant risks dismissal and may be liable for cleaning up costs against the smell of smoke if smoking takes place indoors.

    Anti-drug covenants apply throughout the building and may not occur in either guest rooms or common areas. If the use of drugs is suspected, a police report is made.

  • KEYS
    The tenant is responsible for the receipted keys. Lost key is replaced with SEK 300. Replacement of the lock cylinder is replaced by SEK 1,250.

    The code for the entrance door is intended for our guests. The guest is responsible for ensuring that the code is not disclosed to unauthorized persons.

    As a tenant, you are obliged to take care of the room you have at your disposal so that there is no abnormal wear and tear or problems with vermin or other damage. The room is rented furnished and the tenant signs an inventory list when moving in. All fixtures and fittings must remain in the room upon moving out. If something is missing or has had abnormal wear and tear, the tenant becomes liable for compensation.The tenant risks a written warning if you do not clean your room or clean up after yourself in the common areas. In the event of a repeat, the tenant may be terminated with immediate effect. No rent or deposit will be refunded if this happens.

    The instructions in the utility room must be followed. If necessary, our staff can show how the machines work. If the equipment breaks down due to negligent handling, the tenant may be liable for compensation.

    The tenant himself provides hygiene items, as well as cleaning and detergents and more.

  • PETS
    Pets are not allowed.

    For everyone's well-being, silence should prevail between 22.00 - 07.00 every day of the week.

    If it is found in any way that there is an altercation or discord between tenants in the property, the landlord may decide, after a warning, to terminate one or more tenants with immediate effect. No deposit or rent will then be refunded.

    The property's fire alarm has a direct connection to the Rescue Service in Eskilstuna. In the event of an alarm, the property must be evacuated immediately. If the fire alarm has been activated due to the negligence of the resident or their guest, such as smoking indoors, cooking in the guest room or otherwise, the cost of emergency services may be charged to the tenant.

    All waste must be sorted and placed in the intended container in the garbage room or container outside. Please note the type of waste that you must hand over to the recycling center yourself. No garbage may be left in the corridor or placed outside the garbage room. The tenant locks the garbage room with his room key. Additional information on waste management is attached to the rental contract.